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Head of Human Resources

A message from our Head of Human Resources (photo courtesy KGB):

"Hello, and thank you for your interest in joining MI5.  You know, it's not easy being a spy.  That's why I'm in recruitment."

"To become a spy, you will have to pass a rigorous exam.  Here is a sample paper from next year's GCSE espionage (E165) exam (summer 2006), which we pinched from the printers last week."

Espionage - Multiple Choice Section: Ethics

1.  You have apprehended the wrong person on suspicion of being a terrorist.  Do you:

2.  You find out a group of terrorists is going to steal some dynamite from a quarry.  Do you:

3.  An ex-agent has written a book about his time at MI5, and proves to be an interesting read.  Do you:

If you can answer these, then you may well be the type of person we are looking for.  To send us some details about yourself, click here.