The Future of Bracknell


Before...Bracknell is known the world over as one of the most successful experiments in social engineering ever undertaken.

However, some unenlightened folk are still of the opinion that the town is in some way inadequate - that somehow it lacks the qualities necessary to meet the needs of a modern populace.

This is absolute rubbish.  The example often cited is that Bracknell has no hospital of its own.  However, research has shown that having a hospital nearby can actually encourage people to develop diseases.  For this reason, it was decided to build the town without adequate medical provision for its inhabitants.  This way, no-one would ever become ill.

So in actual fact, Bracknell is one of the most modern centres of population on Planet Earth.  Even so, it has not gone unnoticed that even futuristic utopian metropolises such as Bracknell need to plan for the future.

To this end, plans are afoot for a radical restructuring of the entire town.  Click on the above picture for an exclusive preview of how this ambitious scheme will be made a reality...

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